Monday: The weather people thought there might be rain today…ha! It was a bit overcast so at least the temperatures were more tolerable (high 80’s vs. high 90’s). So, after work and school, we played outside until past Rip’s bedtime. We first went for a walk around the block and then spent some time learning how to ride a tricycle (Rip was learning not Mommy & Daddy…they already know how).

Tuesday: Ripken & Mommy went grocery shopping this morning. We went early so Rip could roam freely and not get stuck sitting in the cart the entire time. We weren’t there very long but Rip practiced his jumping almost the entire time impressing all of the other adults in the store. He also was very helpful when we arrived in the produce section. Rip immediately found the apples and proceeded to hand Mommy apples one at a time…what a little helper!

Wednesday: We found out today that Ripken will be graduating to the next classroom at school. His new teacher’s name is Brandi and she is apparently very good at getting kids potty trained. Very excited about that! Also, no more sippy cups in Rip’s new room…I have a feeling we’ll be doing a lot more laundry until he masters the non-sippy cup design 🙂

Thursday: Wow, what a busy morning! Made our weekly trip to Jamba Juice. Unfortunately, Rip was a bit more interested in the kid friendly grocery carts so we spent the bulk of our time playing in the entrance to the grocery store (not nearly as exciting as watching the buses go by…). After leaving Jamba Juice / grocery store, we headed downtown to the Children’s museum. We got there a little early so we decided to go run around at Town Lake until the museum opened. Apparently playing with the grocery carts wore out Rip and Mommy ended up carrying him around. Luckily we didn’t have to wait that long for the museum to open. At the museum, we spent the first 20 minutes playing with the Thomas the Train set located in the museum entrance (seems to be a theme today). After Mommy convinced Rip there were many more adventures inside the museum, Rip headed for the museum store. Quick thinking Mommy was able to re-direct him into the slide area (phew! close call!). After an hour and a half of hard playing, Rip let Mommy know he was ready to go by reaching for Mommy and falling asleep in her arms.

Friday: At school the teachers gave Ripken the nickname “Papas” now everyone calls Ripken “Papas”. Daddy is teaching Rip how to say his name. First, he’ll ask where Daddy is and Rip points to Daddy. Then Daddy asks where Mommy is and Rip points to Mommy. Then Daddy asks where Ripken is and Rip points to himself and then says “I’m Papas” with a big grin on his face. We also ventured out to a restaurant for dinner this evening. Ripken wasn’t bad per se this evening but he did have a lot of energy and no interest in eating. We spent the majority of our time taking turns chasing Ripken down. He was rather interested in every other family in the restaurant. I think we’ve gotten to a stage where eating out with Ripken is just not the most enjoyable time.

Saturday: Today Rip & Daddy went on their weekly field trip to the dog park. At first, Ripken was a little shy and mainly stayed in an area where there weren’t any dogs except for his buddy Camden After awhile, Ripken decided he was ready to socialize so they went over & joined all the other dogs. Rip got to pet some new doggies and received some kisses in return. He was very excited when the doggie pools were brought out because they looked just like his pool at home! Rip even started taking his shoes off to go swimming but Daddy but a halt to that 😦 Rip was a little disappointed but still had fun watching the doggies swim. Rip’s favorite part of the trip was the big pile of leaves. He spent a significant amount of time climbing up to the top of the leaves, then calling out for Daddy to join him at the top. Once Daddy was at the top, Rip would jump down, make Daddy follow and repeat the process. Mommy and Daddy found Ripken’s birthday present at CostCo today: train set! Shhh…don’t tell Ripken!

Sunday: At the playground Ripken had Mommy & Daddy going down the tunnel slide. Daddy started screaming in the tunnel and Ripken followed suit. From then on, Ripken would hoot and holler while going down the slide. Rip also likes to play follow the leader…with Rip being the leader of course.

New Words:

  • Hannah – this is the name of our neighbor and when Rip says her name it sounds a little like “hi Nina”
  • MoBro – this is short for Mobile Broadband (Kirk work stuff) and Rip also does the secret handshake
  • Ripken is also starting to put words together. He’s very good with the “yes please” “daddy’s car” “more choo choo”. He’s working on more complex stuff like “you’re so silly” and “come on Daddy”