Today Ripken had more cereal in a bowl with milk for breakfast. However today was a little different than last night. Today, Ripken decided to pour his bowl of cereal onto Camden’s head. Ok, so it wasn’t the entire bowl…just the last quarter. Camden was thoroughly satisfied with the unexpected treat. Ripken also made his first trip to the local library. They have a children’s section with child size chairs and tables that Rip found absolutely fascinating. He spent the majority of our time at the library yelling out “chair!” “table!”. Mommy had to remind him several times to use a whisper voice…at which point he would go “shhhhh”. Tonight in the tub he was able to correctly identify the following letters: B, D and H. New word for the day is camera. He also likes to pick up the camera, point it at himself and say “cheese”. Rip has also started calling planes “airplanes”…man is his vocabulary getting complex! Other new words are good and better.