Well, I’m thoroughly convinced that Ripken likes his new classroom at school. When I arrived to pick him up from school on Friday, it took me almost 15 minutes to convince Rip to come home with me. Everytime I asked him if he wanted to go home he would say “no” yet if I told him I was leaving, he would come and grab my hand and drag me back into the classroom…at least he wanted me to stay 🙂

In other news, we found a really cool park yesterday. It has lots of picnic areaand typical playground stuff. But the cool thing is it has a mini water fountain play area for the kids. Imagine if you will (beacuse we forgot the camera) a large cement area with lots of water shooting up and down from various fountains / holes. We took Rip there and he is officially a fish. The adventure started out with a little bit of splashing around but after a few minutes Rip was running up to the shooting water and putting his head into it! Absolutely hilarious! Of course, he doesn’t like to do these things alone so he preceeds all actions with “Com’ on Daddy! Com’ on Mommy!”. Of course Mommy and Daddy would follow as commanded. I think yesterday was when I fully came to the realize that Rip is the one in charge.

One of Rip’s Thomas the Train videos starts out by saying Hello Thomas so every time Rip sees a train, and sometimes just whenever, he says “Hello Thomas”. Imagine a toddler trying to do an english accent. Too funny! Rip also likes to say “Ready?”. This comes out when he is ready to do something or go some where and Mommy and Daddy aren’t quite ready. Rip will walk (or run) up to us and start going “Ready? Ready? Ready?” until we get out the door.