Took a little tumble tonight. Rip went to kick a ball and accidently fell on his forehead (oops!). He’s got a nice little rasberry to show off at school tomorrow.

During reading time before bed, Rip did a great job of counting how many boats were on a page in his book (4 boats, in case you were wondering how many there are).

Phrase of the Day: “I’m not sorry. I’m not sorry. I’m not sorry”.

This is what Ripken told Mommy after hitting her. We’re just hoping he really meant to say “I’m sorry”.

New words:

School bus – bus is old hat but he can now correctly identify and call out school bus. He also knows a city bus when he sees one but apparently that just isn’t as exciting.

Pickle – one of his books has a pickle car and he can now say pickle.