Had a pretty full day today. Daddy and Rip let Mommy go along on their weekly field trip. This week the family took a trip to a park just a few miles away. There was a nice walking trail with signs identifying various trees and plants. The park had a couple of playscapes and several children around Rip’s age.

After the park, the family went home for a little snack and then packed it up again and headed for CostCo (or as Rip would say: COSTCO!!!). Rip had lots of fun running around and playing in the toys section. He quickly spotted the train set that Mommy & Daddy bought him for his birthday (he still doesn’t know yet…) and proceeded to climb all over the box yelling out all the different things in the picture (car, plane, train, etc…). Next he discovered the basketballs and took some time out from shopping to throw and kick the newly discovered basketballs. I’m sure most of you are familiar with CostCo crowds and can imagine how skilled one must be to throw and kick balls in such crowds (man is Rip talented or what!!!).

After the mid-day nap Daddy and Mommy anxiously took Rip down to the Children’s museum. A new Capitol Metro exhibit opened today with a child sized version of a city bus…oh boy is Rip going to be excited!!! Oh how wrong we were. Much to our surprise, Rip wanted absolutely nothing to do with the bus exhibit…go figure. We did spend quite a bit of time at the Thomas the Train set. Mommy is trying to convince Daddy that we should give Rip his b-day present early. The head office has denied the request…hmmph! Oh, also, we think we have some stalkers. We met some people at the park this morning…and they were at the Children’s Museum when we were there. If they’re at the water park tomorrow, we’re calling the authorities…

We attempted to eat out again…went pretty ok. Rip did think the bottle of mustard was the same as the bottle of yellow bath paint we have at home. Thankfully he wasn’t able to figure out how to get the mustard out! Daddy passed the time at the restaurant by teaching Rip how to receive and give wet willies…Daddys are the best!

New phrases: Hey Buddy – this is what Mommy and Daddy call Rip quite often and today he decided to call Daddy “Hey Buddy”.