Today started out ok, but took a turn for the worse right around 11am. After having some Jamba Juice, Mommy and Ripken went to Barnes & Noble today to play with the Thomas the Train set. We spent about an hour there having a great time. Lots of kids were around and Rip was having no problems sharing the trains. Mommy gave the usual 10 minute warning when it was getting to be time to go home. Then Mommy gave the 5 minute warning. 2 minutes before it was time to go, Rip put down the train and said “bye bye” to Thomas. Wow!! Was Mommy impressed! She was so happy with Rip’s agreeable manner, she suggested they ride the escalator a couple of times before they left. On the last trip down the escalator, Rip looked over his shoulder, saw the train set and yelled out “THOMAS!!!”. Mommy knew it was all over. Mommy had to carry Rip out of the store litterally kicking and screaming. At one point she was afraid she was going to drop him so she set Rip down in hopes that he would walk to the car. Ha! All he did was sit down in a puddle in the middle of the street and continue his temper tantrum. There were many a car driving by, laughing and pointing at Mommy. Thanks everyone! Thanks a lot! Well, Mommy managed to get Rip out of the rain and into the car (not in the car seat…I’m not a miracle worker!) where he continued his tirade for another 5 minutes while Mommy sat in the front seat wondering if they were ever going to make it home.

Finally, Rip calmed enough for Mommy to issue a hug, get Rip in his car seat and leave quickly. At home, everything seemed fine until Mommy offered lunch to Rip. Imagine two plates on the table, one for Mommy and one for Ripken. Ripken decided he wanted to eat Mommy’s lunch. Mommy insisted that Rip eat Rip’s lunch. I’m pretty sure Rip didn’t agree with Mommy as he launched his plate across the room, and started crying for Daddy at the top of his lungs. I must mention that the dogs were quite happy with the outcome of lunch.

I am happy to report that things went much better after Rip woke up from his nap. My sweet little boy had returned!! He even ate his dinner tonight!