Couple of fun things to report.

1. Rip is now saying “Ready…Set…Go!”. This will often proceed him taking a jump off of something (or nothing), him letting his cars go down a hill by themselves, or nothing at all.

2. Mommy ordered Rip to go to into a time out today…AND HE LISTENED!!!! Mommy was so happy she almost gave him a big hug on his way into time out!

3. Rip woke up at 5:30 am this morning calling out “MOMMY!”. It was Mommy’s turn to get up but she was soooo tired that after getting Rip (who’s first words upon seeing Mommy were: “Book. Play. Cars”) she fell down on the couch with a blanket in hopes of getting some extra shut eye while Rip played. Unfortunately for Mommy, Rip got a quirky smile on his face, walked over to Mommy and announced “Mommy no night night” and pulled Mommy’s blanket off and put it back in the closet.

4. Rip ate a great dinner tonight: Whole PB&J samich (a.k.a. sandwich), entire bana (a.k.a banana), chips, string cheese, and cantelope. Mommy & Daddy were very happy since Rip hadn’t eaten anything all day long.