Nightly Icee Ritual – Daddy and Rip have developed a summer evening ritual of eating icees after dinner. The ritual usually begins with Daddy and Rip going outside to play. Rip heads for the garage where he gets his camping chair, sets it up and looks at Daddy and says “Ice?”. As Daddy comes back from the freezer with the icees, Rip tells Daddy “Daddy’s chair too”…which translates into “Daddy get your chair”. Reference picture for a visual of the ritual.

Rip went to his first Texas Longhorn Tailgating party. He didn’t get a great nights sleep so he was a little on the shy side at first. The
tailgating party we go to is hosted by a non-profit organization that provides food & drink with a donation. This party had breakfast tacos and bloody marys. Rip had his first breakfast taco. We think he’s on a no-carb diet because he wouldn’t eat the flour tortilla…just the egg and potato inside. After eating the taco and lots of ice cubes, he felt the urge to mingle a bit. Overall, I think he enjoyed the experience. Rip really wants to go to the tailgating party next week but we told him no, as it’ll be past his bedtime.

BREAKING NEWS! BREAKING NEWS!!!! The home office distributed a memo today and they have agreed to allow Rip to receive his birthday present from Mommy & Daddy before his actual birthday! After the tailgating, Mommy and Daddy put Rip down for his nap and frantically assembled his new train set!!! Rips first words upon waking and seeing the train set: “Oh, Cool!!” Just as Mommy & Daddy predicted, Rip is very much enjoying his gift. To all of those scheduled to visit Austin in the next few months, please be prepared to play trains as that’s pretty much all Rip wants to do right now and he likes to make sure everyone has a chance to experience playing trains.

New Phrase: Oh, Cool! Rip uses this phrase quite frequently. We’re not sure exactly where he picked it up, but it’s so much fun to hear him say it.