Rip ate spinach for the first time. We found some spinach nuggets at CostCo and the packaging indicated that kids liked them. Bake them up, put a little spaghetti sauce on them, and voila! Rip will a green vegetable! Of course, Mommy still can’t get Daddy to try them…

Rip & Mommy went grocery shopping today and once again in the produce section, Rip helped Mommy pick out the apples. Only this time, Rip decided he wanted to eat one right then and there. Mommy normally has to cut and peel the apples in order for Rip to enjoy this particular fruit. Today, however, Rip grabbed an apple with both hands and proceeded to sink his pearly whites right into it. Mommy was very impressed! The checkout lady was a little grossed out.

Interesting Rip eating habit: We’ve noticed that Rip has 2 methods of eating food. 1. Shove as much food as possible into his mouth all at once and 2. take little tiny itsy bites. The interesting part is what foods he chooses to shove into his mouth or nibble on. For example, a banana is a shove as much into his mouth kind of food whereas a cheez-it cracker is a take little tiny bites nibbling kind of food. Mommy & Daddy find it funny how the little cracker requires a little bite.