Last night Ripken & Mommy had the evening to themselves as Daddy had to go to a work dinner. After picking up Ripken from School, Mommy & Rip headed home to eat some dinner (grilled cheese samich & tomato soup). Following dinner, we headed to the elementary school to play on the playground, came home for an icee (couldn’t let Daddy’s absence stop the evening ritual), played trains and started the process of getting ready for bed. Let me note here, that Daddy informed Mommy around 6pm that Rip’s security blanket (affectionately known as night-night) was not at home where Rip would be able to cuddle with when going to bed, but instead was in Daddy’s car!!!!

When it was time to get ready for bed, Mommy asked Rip if he wanted to read a book to which he replied “yes” and walked into his room saying “night-night. night-night”. Mommy calmly handed him another blue blanket hoping he wouldn’t notice the difference. Rip politely smiled, said “no” and put the non-night-night blanket into his bed. Mommy & Rip read a few books, turned off the lights and rocked for a few minutes. Mommy then put Rip into his bed and said “goodnight” to which Rip replied: “Night-night”. Mommy explained that night-night was in Daddy’s car to which Rip replied: “NIGHT-NIGHT!!!” and then began crying. Mommy picked up Rip and began rocking him again. At this point, Kaybe came into Rip’s room and decided she wanted to try and get into the rocking chair too…not logisitcally possible.

After 5 minutes or so, Kaybe gave up and went into the other room…phew! Of course right after Kaybe left, Camden decided to come in and tell Rip goodnight by licking his feet, rolling around grunting, throwing his toy around and generally making all kinds of noise. Mommy at first was rather upset, but as the Camden antics continued both Mommy & Rip were struggling not to laugh. After 15 minutes of this, Mommy got up and kicked Camden out of the room and closed the door. That really didn’t resolve anything, Camden continued to thrash about in the other room for a few minutes and then start “knocking” on the bedroom door trying to get in. At this point Mommy gave up on trying to get Rip to sleep and decided that the best thing to do would be go back downstairs and play a little longer…hoping Daddy would come home soon with night-night. As Rip & Mommy left Rip’s room, there was a rustling noise in the corner of his playroom…right where his play tent is…wait, is that Kaybe coming out of the tent?? What was going on out here???

Downstairs Rip played with his cars by himself. After awhile he called out “colors” which translates into: “Mommy I would like to color with my markers now”. Mommy let Rip know it was late and that the colors were put away for the night. Rip responded by throwing his colors and then saying “time out. time out.” which I think meant he was telling himself to go into time out…what a cutie! After we put his colors back, Rip said “Hungry Rip”. Mommy asked him what he wanted and he promptly replied “CHEESE”. After eating a slice of cheese Rip then wanted to play with his playdough. Mommy again explained that it was late and the playdough was put away for the night. A bit of a tantrum took place including some hitting of Mommy. At this point, Mommy decided Rip had to go to sleep. Mommy & Rip headed upstairs to hopefully get Rip to go to sleep. After half an hour of rocking (an hour and a half past Rip’s bedtime) Mommy put a sleeping Rip into his bed.