Last weekend was a bit hectic. Daddy was in charge of entertaining Rip all weekend as Mommy had to take a test that took all weekend (no exaggerations there…). Friday night the crew went out to eat at Chuy’s, which has a nice outdoor area where Rip can run free whilest the food is being prepared. Saturday was big game day. Texas played Ohio State and much to everyone in the US’s disappointment (except for the people who live in Ohio), Texas lost. Rip couldn’t stay up and watch because the game was on late, so when Kirk broke the news to him, it was not pretty…Mommy could hear screaming all the way downstairs! Suddenly Rip cannot stand to have his diaper changed (that could account for the screaming mentioned above). Poopy or sagging full, he would rather run around as is than get a fresh clean diaper. I don’t think that’s a sign of being ready for potty training. However, Rip has managed to go pee in the potty twice now. Mommy & Daddy made all kinds of whooping and hollering both times, but Rip’s interest in repeating the event is non-existent.

Rip has really started taking to riding his tricycle this past week. Daddy has him keeping his feet on the peddles while Daddy pushes…it’s just a matter of time before Rip is riding the bike on his own. Rip has a new obsession of pointing out all the places he either has boo-boos or had boo-boos and saying “All better”.

I think Rip has a crush on the 9 year old girl (Hannah) in our neighborhood. As soon as Rip sees Hannah playing in the cul-de-sac, he is ready to go outside. And he likes to say “com’on Hannah” and he follows her around. Daddy is in Los Angeles most of this week but will be back in time for Rip’s birthday on Thursday. Nanny Joan got Rip an easel to draw on, so that will be the gift Rip opens on his birthday. Mommy/Daddy and Mimi/Gumpa’s gifts have already been distributed. Hopefully Rip doesn’t think his birthday occurs 4 times a year…maybe we need to re-think this for next year. We are having a birthday party on Saturday. It started out small and intimate but has grown to 20 adults and 9 kids. The party is going to be pretty casual: balloons, sidewalk chalk and swimming for the kids; adult beverages for the adults. Ok, maybe some hamburgers and hot dogs too.