Well, the birthday festivities have finally come to an end. Here are some highlights of the birthday boy’s comments and birthday party:

Rip actually sang happy birthday to himself. We’re assuming he picked up this song at school, but were absolutely amazed that not only did he know that it was his birthday, but that he knew to sing that song. When it came time to sing the song at his party, everyone gathered around, sang the song and at one point Rip became shy and hid his face behind his hands. And we’re very proud that he blew the candle out all on his own! Of course, he wasn’t really all that interested in eating the cupcakes…after awhile he did try some frosting, but nothing significant. Rip truly is not an adventurous eater.

Rip officially received gifts 2 weeks before his birthday, 1 week before his birthday, on his birthday, the day after his birthday and on at his birthday party. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but we are definitely going to have to not do this again next year, for fear of him thinking everyday is his birthday!

On the day of his party, Rip did not eat any food after lunch. He did manage to drink approximately 6 juice boxes. And let me tell you, drinking 6 juice boxes will most definitely clean a kid out! As Mommy & Daddy would say when changing diapers “pshew, stinky!”.

Birthday party stats: 14 kids/babies, 16 adults, 2 dogs, 7 gifts, 2 cakes, 18 burgers, 12 bratwursts, 10 hotdogs, 2 lbs of potato salad, 30 balloons, 1 small sand box and one really big blow up swimming pool.

On another note, tonight Rip & Mommy had the evening to themselves as Daddy had to go to a work dinner. The most notable event was when on the way back from a short walk down the street, Rip wanted to hold Mommy’s hand! Talk about making your heart melt!

Rip has a new favorite song. No it’s not The Wheels on the Bus, or ABC’s, or Twinkle Twinkle…it is…Paradise City by Guns-N-Roses! Daddy gets credit for this one! Daddy also taught this song to Rip’s cousin Megan back when she was a wee lass of 4 years old. Corruption starts early in the Neibert family.

Rip also has a new favorite DVD: Blue’s Clues. Now everytime he sees something blue, he calls out “Blues Clues!”.