Tonight we had Savannah come over and spend the night. Savannah is the 2 year old daughter of one of Rip’s teachers. They had an absolute blast playing tonight! It started out a little rocky…Rip didn’t want to share…but after a few minutes of Mommy reminding Rip he needed to share, things went great!

They first played play-dough, then there was quite a bit of dancing in the kitchen, and then moved on to coloring with Daddy. At that point dinner was served. Rip sat in his chair and started giggling uncontrollably. Savannah sat opposite of Rip at the table and I think Rip was tickled pink to have a friend eat dinner with us. As a matter of fact, Rip was so excited about our guest, he powered down his meal of spaghetti with meat sauce!

After dinner, the crew headed upstairs to “play trains”. Before trains were played, the play tent was brought out and Rip & Savannah had tons of fun running in and out of it. Rip would get in and say “Com’on Vannah”. Savannah would get in and say “Papa’s in”. Too much fun!!

Mommy mentioned to Rip & Savannah that bath time was going to be in a few minutes and Rip litterally ran into the bathroom ready to get into the tub…the water wasn’t even running yet! Rip & Savannah had fun playing / swimming with minimal water spilling over the tub. However, there was a slight “incident” at the end. As Mommy was drying off Savannah, Savannah threw a toy into the tub and, unfortunately, her aim is not so good. The toy actually beaned Rip in the head and, by the screams coming out of his mouth, I’d say it hurt quite a bit. Fortunately, Daddy was there for the rescue and gave lots of kisses to make it “all better”. Savannah also was sorry and gave Rip a hug.

Following bath time, books were read in the rocking chair. Try to imagine Kirk in the rocking chair with two 2 year olds in his lap…quite adorable! Of course 2 year olds don’t sit still for very long, so reading time was pretty short. As the evening approached 8pm, Mommy & Daddy started working their magic getting the kids to settle down and prepare for night time. Mommy dimmed the lights, and read three books to Rip & Savannah in the downstairs chair. Both were pretty exhausted and went to sleep quickly after the stories were done.

Savannah is sleeping in Mommy & Daddy’s room…hopefully she’s not a sleepwalker 🙂

Stay tuned for more babysitting adventures!