We’re very excited to report that our house guest slept through the night. Well, she almost slept through the night. At about 4:30 this morning I awoke to a little wimpering. Apparently Savannah had wiggled around enough last night that she ended up almost entirely under the bed (her head was still out). After Mommy pulled her out from under the bed, she went back to sleep until 7am when the rest of the house woke up. As a matter of fact, Savannah only woke up when she heard Rip and at that point yelled out “Papas!!” and came running to meet him.

Rip and Savannah played inside for a couple of hours. At one point Rip looked over to Mommy asking for his milk. Mommy told Rip that his milk was upstairs and that she would go get it. However, Savannah was much quicker than Mommy and ran upstairs (you should see this little girl climb!), picked up Rip’s sippy cup and brought it back down to Rip. Rip & Savannah have been incredibly courteous to each other during this slumber party. Rip continued being the gracious host and asked Savannah if she wanted french toast this morning, Savannah gratefully replied yes. And yes, Rip was very excited about eating again this morning. The two of them sat at the table giggling away.

Savannah went home around 10:30am. Rip proceed to go straight to sleep…for 3 1/2 hours! I’m thinking the slumber party wore him out!

Other news: Rip ate a hamburger for dinner tonight without any prompting. Of course he didn’t eat the entire thing, but he did take several bites which is great because he could have easily been completely distracted by the french fries and vanilla frosty (yes we had an incredibly unheathly dinner from Wendy’s).

Rip spent a significant amount of time tonight moving dog food bits from one dog food dish to the other. Apparently this is a fascinating activity sweeping the country. After playing dog food, Rip moved to the pantry, pulled out the roll of wax paper and proceeded to carpet the kitchen. By the way, if you should ever carpet your kitchen (or any room for that matter) with wax paper, please note, it is VERY slippery.

That’s about it for tonight. Mommy is heading off to work an event tomorrow and Rip & Kirk are heading to Pennsylvania for Nanny’s birthday on Thursday, so there won’t be any postings for a week. I’m sure we’ll have plenty to report once Rip returns.