Holy Cow! Almost exactly a month since our last update. For those of you who haven’t heard, it’s been a bit busy here in Texas. Here are some highlights:

Happy Birthday Nanny: Rip & Kirk ventured to Pennsylvania for Nanny’s surprise birthday party. After a rough start (stranded in Dallas), everyone arrived safely in Baltimore with a special Kelly / Kelsey surprise for Nanny. Rip, ever so social, made
sure to entertain everyone at all times by making funny faces and then laughing out loud. He loved to sit in Nanny’s nap & read books, play with Kassidy’s Barbie jeep, and take naps with Megan. It was a very quick trip but I think everyone enjoyed it immensley. I know Kirk was glad to meet up with Kelly & Kelsey in Dallas to assist with the Ripken transfer.

Mimi & Gumpa Visit Texas: Rip didn’t get enough family time in Pennsylvania so Mimi & Gump flew down to Austin to hang out with Rip. It started off a little rough when Mommy, Mimi & Gumpa (or as Rip says: Bumpa) went to pick up Rip from school. Near as we could figure out, Rip must have
thought Mommy was going away and leaving Rip to stay with Mimi & Bumpa. Mommy litterally had to sit in the backseat holding Rip in his car seat all the way home. Thankfully, once Rip realized that Mommy wasn’t going anywhere, he warmed up to Mimi & Bumpa right away. Rip’s favorite thing to do was say “Silly Bumpa”. They also liked to play the “no” game. This consisted of Bumpa saying “No!” and Rip laughing hysterically…too much action for Mommy & Daddy! Other highlights consisted of Mommy’s birthday dinner at Bucca di Peppo. We reserved the “kitchen” table where we litterally sat at a table in the kitchen and watched the staff cook & deliver every meal. Rip had a blast jumping up & down in the booth and eating spaghetti. Then there was the pumpkin carving. Bumpa & Rip “prepped” the pumpkins while Mimi & Mommy carved the faces. Where was Daddy? Daddy was documenting 🙂 And let’s not forget all the Tiger games that were watched! Rip is an official Tiger fan and knows exactly when to chant “Go Tigers! Go Tigers! Go Tigers!”.


Sunny San Diego: We took a short family trip to San Diego this past weekend and stayed in a nice condo on the beach. We enjoyed sunny days at the beach with relaxing evenings in the condo
watching spectacular sunsets. We had all sorts of plans to do touristy stuff (Legoland, the zoo, Balboa Park, etc..) but decided to just hang out and relax. Quick footnote: when I mention sunny days at the beach, this mostly consisted of time on the boardwalk. Rip was a little under the weather during this trip and sand between his toes was not the ideal scenario for him. We did manage to enjoy a little time making sand castles but Rip spent a lot of riding on Daddy’s shoulders. By far Rip’s favorite activity at the beach was pushing his stroller on the boardwalk…at least we were near the ocean 🙂

On a sad note, Kaybe’s health was getting pretty bad so we took her to the vet a couple weeks back to be put to sleep. We were fortunate to be able to take Kaybe’s ashes with us to San Diego and take her swimming for the last time at her favorite swimming hole…the Pacific Ocean. The late great Kaybe will never be forgotten.