I think we can safely say that Halloween was a smashing success! We celebrated the sacred holiday 3 days in a row!

Day 1: Neighborhood party 


Day 2: Dell Halloween party 


Day 3: Actual holiday and trick or treating 


Other notable events from the past week:

Rip is really starting to talk a LOT and this includes repeating exactly what you say..whether or not you are talking to him. Rip has taken to calling Daddy “Kirk”. The first occurrence was this past weekend when Rip was upstairs and he heard Daddy downstairs. Rip smiled big and called out “KIRK!” Later that day he called Mommy “Krispy”.

Daddy & Rip were playing the “No / Yes” game the other night which consists of Daddy asking Rip lots of questions and Rip always replying “no”. After asking about 10 questions, to which Rip replied “no” to every one, Daddy asked Rip if he wanted to stay up past 7:30pm…low and behold, Rip said “Yes”! Go figure! I guess this kid really knows what he wants…

Daddy has had a little bit of a cold lately so every now and then has been bellowing out some sneezes. The other day after Daddy sneezed, Rip stopped, looked at Daddy and said “bless you”.

Rip’s new favorite breakfast: Snowflake pancakes. Mommy bought a snowflake pancake cookie cutter thing-a-ma-bob a couple years back and finally put it to use this past weekend. Rip happened to be watching a tv show with snow at the same time Mommy was making this pancake so I think the correlation really helped make Rip like the pancake. Whatever the cause, he ate the ENTIRE pancake! This is a major, major eating accomplishment. And on top of that, while Mommy was cleaning up the kitchen Rip was watching some Blues Clues on the couch, turned around and asked Mommy, “Mommy, want to watch tv with me?” And I’m pretty sure that was Rip’s first complete sentence!

I am sad to report that our no biting streak came to a screaching halt last week. The good news is he went 10+ weeks at school without biting anyone. The bad news, he bit 2 days in a row last week. Our new no-biting streak is 2 days. We’ll keep you posted…

We had a fun experience grocery shopping this past weekend. We all headed to the grocery store and we were just about done when Rip decided he wanted to eat an apple. Normally this is no big deal, Mommy usually lets him pick up a Red Delicious apple and start eating it to keep him occupied during the checkout line. However, this particular trip Rip picked up a pomegranate, thinking it was an apple, and took a big bite out of it. He quickly realized that wasn’t what he was looking for, spat out his bite and gave the pomegranate back to Daddy. We all got a good chuckle out of that…even the stock boy. Mommy is now looking for recipes that call for a pomegranate.

We’re making strides with the concept of sharing. The other day when playing at our neighbor’s house, Rip had a fit when Mommy made him share the baseball bat with the neighbor Cassie. After Cassie took a turn hitting the ball, she gave the bat back to Rip. Rip proceeded to hit the ball once and then look at Cassie and say “Cassie turn”. By Joe, I think he’s got it!