Not a ton of stuff to report this week, but here are a few updates:

While playing outside the other day, a wasp started chasing Daddy around. Rip pointed at it and said “butterfly”. Mommy & Daddy politely explained to Rip that it was a wasp not a butterfly. Well, the wasp continued chasing Daddy for a little bit before finally flying away. As it was flying away, Rip yelled out “Bye Bye Butterfly! Bye Bye Butterfly!”

Rip received his annual flu shot yesterday. Rip was in a great mood when he arrived at the Dr.’s office…he pushed his stroller all the way from the car, through the hall, up the elevator and into the waiting room. Once in the waiting room he abandoned the stroller for various toys. After a few short minutes the nurse came to get us and take us to a room. Rip again did great…grabbed his stroller and started heading back to the room…and then he realized where he was going, stopped and cried out…”Afraid Mommy!!”. Mommy comforted him and carried him back to the room. Once in the room, Rip was distracted by all the toys and trucks and back at eas…and then the nurse came back in the room…and another statement from Rip: “Mommy No!!!!”. The nurse was fantastic! She told Rip that he could bring his truck up onto the table and that he was going to get some stickers. Rip got up on the table, the nurse continued to distract him with pictures and then gave him the shot. Rip’s eyes opened as wide as quarters, mouth formed an O shape and was just about ready to start crying when the nurse gave him a sticker!! Shot? What shot? That was the first time Rip didn’t cry when getting a shot. Phew! What a relief…now we can leave without any drama. Then Mommy broke the news to Rip that he couldn’t take home that really cool military truck he found in the room. Mommy proceeded to carry Rip out of the Dr.’s office screaming like no tomorrow. Despite Mommy’s excitement about no crying from the shot, everyone else in the office thought Rip had been tortured with some type of cruel doctor instrument…little did they know it was the truck that was torturing him…

Daddy had to work late and the weather was a balmy 85, so Mommy decided to treat herself & Rip to a night out on the town…ok, at least a little bit of Mexican food. The exciting part to report is that Rip ate like a champ! Normally at Chuey’s, Rip gets a chicken fingers and french fries basket and eats only the french fries. Tonight, he actually ate almost all of the chicken and Mommy didn’t even have to beg! Wow!! Could this be a corner we’re turning?? Will Rip be a better eater from now on??? Tune into next week’s entry to find out.