Well, we had the Weiler family come visit us for Thanksgiving and I think a good time was had by all. Below are some of the finer moments from the long weekend:

1. Turkey Trot – the entire clan rose at the crack of dawn (well, it was the crack of dawn somewhere), headed downtown to participate in the annual Turkey Trot. We managed to walk 5 miles in preparation of the feasting to be done later that day. Rip spent a good mile on top of Daddy’s shoulders as Rip had no interest in spending time in his jogging stroller. Jason, Kelly and Kelsey were ever so kind as to help with the pushing of the stroller and walking of the dog. I am very happy to report that no one in our group came in last place…or were put in the position of wanting to “cut a corner” to avoid being in last place.

2. Turkey Dinner – the food was rather delicious if I do say so myself. Almost everything went off without a hitch. The only exception being the frying of the turkey. After 2 hours of waiting for the peanut oil to heat to the appropriate temperature, we discovered that the fryer had not ignited properly, therefore not heating properly. A 5 minute adjustment helped us reach our 250 degree goal! 1 hour later we had a wonderfully browned bird…and we all ate until we needed to walk another 5 miles! By the way, Rip did not partake in the turkey feast as he got hungry right at the time we originally planed on eating. So his dinner consisted of a grilled cheese samich and chips. Oh well, there’s always next year 🙂

3. Rudy’s. Who can resist going to Rudy’s??? Well, apparently Rip can. The plan was to go to Barnes and Noble (a daring event with Rip) and then head to Rudy’s for lunch. Rip passed out on the way to B & N and continued to sleep all the way home, all the way into bed and for the next 3 hours. I guess this whole family in town thing kind of wears him out… Oh well, the rest of the gang got some Rudy’s time and that’s what’s important.

4. Rip ate a huge meal! Finally, at last! Rip had a meal that did not consist of pizza, sandwhiches or macaroni & cheese. After a particularly fun day, Rip actually ate 2 rather large slices of ham and about 1/2 pound of corn! Ok, so it’s not exactly a 3 course meal, but we’re making progress!! BTW, Rip likes Rudy’s breakfast tacos…he will actually eat almost the entire thing. We’ve totally turned a corner…


5. Rip spent some quality time with Jason on Saturday afternoon. On the way home from lunch at Waterloo, Rip saw the neighborhood playground so we stopped to play. After a little sharing incident in the sandbox, we moved over to the jungle gym portion of the playground where Rip and Jason (who, after witnessing him on the jungle gym, I think might actually only be 5 years old..) played on the bridge. It was at this point that Rip decided that Jason was cool and deemed him to be “Silly Jason”. 


6. Rip goes to Dave and Busters. Kelly, Jason and Kelsey wanted to take Rip to Dave and Busters (at least that’s what they told us). Anyhow, Mommy & Daddy decided to take advantage of this situation and stay home and relax 🙂 From what we heard, Rip had a glorious time. I’ll let Kelly point out the other highlights of this event while I start looking into gambler anonymous programs. (note picture of Rip sitting quite comfortably at a machine with thousands of tickets…).

7. Rip notices the Christmas Tree Ornaments. While Rip was getting hooked at Dave and Busters, Mommy spent some quality time putting ornaments on the xmas tree (a good 15 minute marathon :-). As soon as Rip got home, he proceeded to pull off ornaments from the bottom third of the tree and give them to Daddy. I think it’s going to be another year before we have a tree that is a little more balanced.

8. A rousing game of scrabble was in progress Saturday night when Rip decided to join in on the fun. He liked to sit in Daddy’s chair and place Daddy’s tiles on the board. I’m pretty sure Rip used a few words that we wouldn’t have been able to find in the dictionary. In case you want to know the outcome of the game: Kirk won, Kelly second, Kristin third, Jason last. Couple of things to point out here: a) Kirk had Rip helping him so we’re not really sure he should get the win b) Kelly was really pissed off that Kirk beat her c)for the first time ever, Kristin did not come in last place (thanks Jason!)

9. Lunch on Sunday took place at Chuys. On the way out, Daddy tried to slyly grab a mint in hopes of not having to ward off Rip wanting a “candy”. Unfortunately, the transaction was spotted and Rip very confidently demanded a candy. To try and “teach” him not to want candy we decided to offer Rip an altoid. I’m not sure it cured him of candy but it sure was a funny sight to see. Rip greatfully took 2 altoids, immediately put one in his mouth and started chewing. His cheeks took on a redish glow and his eyes got a little big. That was quite entertaining but when he decided to take in a deep breath, that’s when we all cracked up laughing. In case you have never had an altoid, deep breaths after eating a freshly chewed altoid is like breathing in icy cold air (of which Rip has yet to experience). Needless to say, he did not decide to partake of the second altoid.