Well, it happened! We knew there was a chance that we would have to deal with such an event but when it happened, it took us by surprise. That’s right, the other night Ripken pooped in the bathtub. Daddy was washing Rip’s hair and noticed a familiar look on Rip’s face and asked: “are you pooping” to which Rip replied “No”. Then Rip proceeded to lift up his butt and proclaim “There!”.

After Mommy proclaimed to Mimi that Rip has zero interest in Teddy Bears, the other night Rip asked Mommy to get a Teddy Bear out of the closet. Mommy was a bit surprised but gladly retrieved the bear. Once Rip had the bear, he sat it down and began reading to it. Then he rocked it! It was incredibly cute to see our little boy acting so grown up and taking care of his bear.

The other night Rip and Daddy were horsing around with Rip jumping on Daddy and Daddy screaming. After a couple of screams, Rip, with immense authority, told Daddy “No Screaming!”. Since then he’s also told Mommy and Daddy “No Throwing!” and “No Hitting!”. I think Mommy & Daddy might need to spend some time in the time-out chair…

Late Saturday morning Mommy gave Ripken the 5 minute warning that nap-time was coming up. Rip was sitting on the couch watching Frosty, stood up and told Mommy “No!”. 2 minutes later, Daddy walked past the couch to a peacifully sleeping Rip. I guess Rip meant that no, he wasn’t going to wait 5 minutes for nap time.

Ripken gave his first concert the other day. It was Uncle Jeff’s birthday so Mommy called to wish Jeff a happy birthday. On a whim, Mommy asked Rip to sing happy birthday and he did! He sang loud & proud! We were told that it was a standing ovation on the other end.