Well, we all survived the holidays just fine! Ripken’s Aunt Missy and cousins Jake and Jonah joined us down in Texas for Christmas. The weather was a little iffy at first (cold and rainy) but managed to warm up to the 60’s for a couple of days…which was much appreciated by the Michigan folks. Ripken had a BLAST playing with his cousins non-stop and yelling “NO!” at his Aunt Missy.

The big news is that we finally broke down and bought a video camera. Here are a coupe of snipits for your viewing pleasure:

Ripken and the Geese

Christmas Morning

A few updates on Ripken:

1. He loves to sing Frosty the Snowman and Here comes Santa Clause. And, believe it or not, he has most of the lyrics down!

2. Santa bought Rip some camouflage rain boots which are now Rips favorite shoes. He especially loves to wear them after it has rained and he can stomp away in the puddles. Recently on a hike, he was stomping in the river and decided to kick the water. Unfortunately, his boot fell off and filled up with water. But never fear, the wet sock and boot did not stop Rip from continuing to stomp in the water…phew!

3. Rip is now lifting weights with Mommy & Daddy. We recently purchased two 1lb weights for Rip to use while we are working out at night. It is absolutely hilarious to watch Rip “pump iron”.