Rip and Mommy had some fun times this week. On Tuesday morning we packed up, jumped into the jogging stroller and headed to the “yaupon park” (this is the park about 3/4 of a mile down the road from our house). About half way there, Mommy noticed something moving out of the corner of her eye. Much to hers and Camden’s surprise, there was a 10 point buck 10 feet away just crossing the street. The buck looked at us as if he were thinking: “what are you looking at?!” I don’t think Camden knew what to do, but Mommy made sure to whip the stroller around so Rip could take a look. It was quite the exciting event. We made it to the park shortly thereafter where we play good and hard for 50 minutes. Then it was time to head home to grab some lunch and go down for a nap.

After about 2 minutes of Mommy pushing the stroller, Rip decided he wanted to do some walking, so Mommy got him out of the stroller. Rip walked almost the entire way home! It was a little slow going, but still, after a good hard play at the park, Rip managed to walk at least another 1/2 mile! Very impressive! And at home, Rip spent 3/4 of his nap time bouncing in his bed. Mommy listened to him from downstairs just talking away. Most sentences went something like this: “I’m bouncing! Look, I’m bouncing!” Despite his hard play and minimal nap, Rip was, thankfully, in a great mood most of the day.

Thursday morning was spent running errands. First we went to Rudy’s to get a breakfast taco. Rip ate an entire taco (minus the tortilla) all by himself! Very impressive. Next was a trip to the post office where Rip helped Mommy put stickers (also known as stamps) on letters and drop them into the mail box. To anyone who receives an envelope with a very crooked or upside down stamp, you can be sure it’s because Ripken was helping Mommy. After inspecting every single mail box at the post office (note there must be hundreds), we managed to get back into the car and head up to the indoor playground (this is the play area located inside one of the malls). At the playground we played very hard and very well with the other kids (woo hoo!). Although Rip still likes to announce that when he is on the slide it’s “MY TURN!”. This afternoon will be another trip to feed the ducks (as long as it doesn’t rain).

Stay tuned for more Ripken adventures…