Not sure if we told everyone about this, but a few months back we had a bit of a boll weevil problem in the spare bedroom upstairs. We had been using this room as a work-out room. It had gone unused for at least a month or two when one day I went into the room to look for something. When I entered the room, I noticed that the carpet was covered in mostly dead little bugs with a few live ones here & there. I immediately called our pest service and they sent someone out to take a look. The pest dude said he was a bit perplexed as the bugs in the room were boll weevils which need a food source in order to survive and he could not find a food source anywhere.

We completley cleansed the room (finding nothing significant in terms of food sources) yet the little buggers kept coming back. We finally decided to remove the weight bench thinking that maybe Rip had put a cracker or fruit bar or something into one of the bench openings. Sure enough, after we removed the bench the bugs stayed away.

We hosed down the weight bench (still not finding anything significant) and brought it back upstairs. The bugs returned!!! The bench went back outside and sat there for several weeks. We decided to bring the bench up one piece at a time to identify which piece was the culprit. On bringing in the third piece (and the largest) the bugs came back in earnest. Okay, the next step was to disassemble the main component. Well, we finally got around to doing that today. What you see below is what we removed from the weight bench.

We have absolutely no idea how the dog food got into the bench as the place it came from had no openings. And if Rip did this, we have no idea when he had the time to stuff over 2 cups of dog food into this bench. Needless to say, the weight bench has been thoroughly cleaned and is back up in the spare room. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the boll weevils will not be returning any time soon!

On a more fun note, below is a fun picture of Ripken taking a hike
during the holidays in his new camaflouge rain boots.