No More Diapers: The newest habit of Ripken’s is to stealthily remove his diapers. When he got quiet and disappeared, Mimi & Gumpa would find him with his pants and diaper off. He was always embarrassed, but usually had a good excuse. One night, he was found upstairs in the bathroom with his pj’s and diaper off. He had both feet in one pant leg of his dirty clothes, proudly pointed at his discarded diaper, and said “it’s full,”…and it was. 


Kitty Cats: Rip spent a lot of time playing with his cars on the floor in the family room. Penelope (or if you speak Ripkenese, “Nelope”) was curled up in a small basket sleeping. Ripken dropped a car in the basket, reached in to retrieve it, and Penelope promptly bit him on the arm. There were a few tears, but nothing major. Later that day at the dinner table, Ripken said, “Bumpa, remember that kitty cat bit me on the arm, right here?” 


Snacks Galore: Bumpa managed to spoil him (again) with junk food, mainly pretzels, popsicles, peanuts, dinosaur cookies and ice cream. Their nightly ritual was to snack a great deal. One afternoon Rip wanted ice cream close to dinner time, but Mimi told him not until after dinner. This didn’t please him at all. He started crying hard, and proceeded to call for Bumpa. He found Bumpa, and Bumpa said he could have a popsicle. We certainly know who wears the pants in the Beebe family (that would be Ripken).

Nap Time: The day Mommy and Daddy were due in, Mimi was encouraging Ripken to take his nap. Mimi told him, “You need to take a good nap because Mommy and Daddy are coming home tonight to see you. You will want to be rested.” That seemed to work. After he awoke from his nap, he told Mimi and Bumpa, “Remember, Mommy and Daddy are coming to see me today.” 


My Chair!: Whenever was given Ripken his meals, he was put in the chair that is normally “Jonah’s chair.” One day when Jonah was over, he sat in his usual spot, and Ripken promptly declared, “That’s my chair. No, no, Jonah.” Jonah said that was fine because when Ripken went home, Jonah would be “king” again. 


The Boss: One of the first days Ripken was in Michigan, he issued an order to Bumpa . . . “Come here, Bumpa,” and then clapped his hands twice. He might have been confusing Bumpa with Camden. 


Dinner Time: The Beebe clan went to Italian Gardens for dinner to celebrate Bumpa’s birthday. Rip was very excited because everyone was eating some form of “sketti.” He ate heartily, slowly but heartily. When Bumpa was served a piece of cheese cake, Ripken ate that as well. The Beebe’s had absolutely no problems getting him to eat (mommy and daddy are very jealous…) 


More Dinner Time: The crew had Chili Mac for dinner one night (kind of like goulosh), which excited Rip to no end. He yelled, “Sketti,” and proceeded to meticulously pick out every piece of pasta with his fork. He wouldn’t touch the meat or beans. 


Michigan Winter: Aunt Missy bought Rip real snow boots while he was in Michigan, and he really needed them as there was plenty of snowfall and cold weather. The snow boots were covered with Spiderman pictures and they lit up when he walked. He LOVED that. Mommy even bought Rip a snow suit. Prologue: Rip had to wear his spiderman boots on the plane ride home to Texas and continue to wear them at home…in 75 degree weather. 


Sledding: Ripken got to experience walking on the frozen lake and sledding. He liked everything about that except when the snow blew in his face. 


Favorite Saying: “What happened?!” Rip used this whenever he was puzzled by something. 


Ripken Concerts: Ripken delighted the Beebe’s with many concerts. He even learned a new little ditty that goes, “Bumpa, Bumpa two by four couldn’t get through the kitchen door.” Prologue: he still sings this at home but replaces “Bumpa” with Camden…I’m think he really does have them confused! 


Good Work!: When Rip was watching his portable DVD player he would touch some buttons, and then announce, “I did it!” What a hard worker! 



The morning Ripken, Mommy & Daddy were to fly back to Texas, Rip cried: “Home! Go Home!”

Rip took a spill on the hard wood floor and landed on his nose. Mommy heard him crying for Daddy all the way outside…very sad little boy for a short while.

Rip and Aunt Missy walked Jonah to Jonah’s bus stop one morning. After Rip realized Jonah was going on the bus without Ripken, Rip started crying “Jonah! Jonah!”. Rip was very sad his playmate was leaving him for the day.