Here are some highlights from Nanny’s visit with Ripken:


  • Nanny Arrives – Austin sunshine greeted Nanny. Temperatures were hovering in the low 80’s so we took a drive over to Ski Shores for some lunch. This is a little cafe right on the water that has a place for boats to dock. Nice views, great atmosphere. While we were waiting for our food, Rip passed the time by running up and down the dock checking out all the boats.
  • Rip’s favorite saying during Nanny’s visit: “Let’s go Nanny, let’s go!”
  • Jamba Juice or Candy Bars: Mommy, Nanny & Rip made a quick trip to the grocery store. It was close to afternoon snack time so Mommy told Rip he could have a Jamba Juice which made him VERY happy! Rip happily received and began drinking his juice. As we strolled through the grocery store, Rip continued to enjoy his juice…that is until Nanny brought out the big guns…hershey’s chocolate candy bars! As soon as Rip realized he was getting a candy bar, the juice couldn’t get discarded fast enough.
  • Swimming pool: Nanny’s first night in Austin was nice and warm so we took Rip and Camden over to the Neillie’s house for a little pool action. Apparently Rip was in a sharing mood as he so kindly took a full cup of water over to Nanny and proceeded to pour it all over her legs while saying “gonna get you Nanny!”.
  • Feeding the Ducks: one day we decided to go feed the ducks at the local pond. We all had lots of fun doing our part in keeping the ducks from starving (which means we fed them almost an entire loaf of bread). At one point the geese got a bit out of control and began fighting with each other…a bit scary but nothing we couldn’t handle. Just before we left, Kirk decided to give the geese one last piece of bread. Unfortunately, he picked the goose that was on a diet and the goose ran over and bit Kirk on the shin! Quite an over-reaction on the gooses part if you ask me!
  • Food Stuff: Nanny got to participate in our weekly visit to the local CostCo where we had pizza and juice…an experience everyone should have with Rip 😉 We also made sure to have Rudy’s breakfast tacos a couple of times and some Rudy’s BBQ for dinner once. The dinner that took the cake though was the one at Bucca di Peppo. We went there after spending a few hours at the local rodeo. Dinner started out well with Rip diving right into the bread. Then things started taking a turn for the worse. First it was the disappearing shoe (Rip took his shoe off and left it under the table. It took Kirk climbing under the table and the waitress getting us a flashlight in order to find the missing shoe). Then we had the slapping. Rip felt that Mommy was being bad (we’re not exactly sure why) and deserved a slap (or 10) in the face. Mommy handed Rip to Daddy for some corrective action. After a stroll around the restaurant, Rip came back calmed and had some spaghetti. Then he was done and the hitting resurfaced accompanied with some biting. At this point Daddy took Rip outside to wait for Mommy & Nanny. Upon exiting, Mommy picked up Rip (this was a “carry you” request) and started walking towards the car. Rip then hit Mommy in the face again (leaving a nice scratch just below the left eye) and attempted some more biting. Mommy was able to prevent any more flesh wounds and immediately handed Rip over to Daddy. I believe Mommy’s exact words were: “I’m done with you. Go see your Daddy”. Thankfully all of this was captured on video and we’ll be able to relive the experience for years to come.
  • Star of Texas Rodeo and Fair: Two highlights at this fair 1) trucks & tractors 2) Whiplash the monkey. First, Rip’s favorite part of the rodeo was getting on every single truck or tractor displayed and pretending to drive Nanny. Ok, so there were probably only 25+ tractors, but it sure did seem like we were test driving all of the tractors in the US! Well, at least Rip had fun 🙂 Whiplash. Nanny’s favorite part of the rodeo. Quite the amazing little creature. Here’s this 20 year old little monkey that enjoys riding a saddled herding dog. He has a cowboy hat and chaps to boot! Now, I know you’re probably thinking I’m making this up, but I promise you I’m not. If you’re still skeptical, go check out the Whiplash website.