Rip & I have been helping out our neighbors by taking care their dog, Sammi, while they are traveling. On Tuesday, Sammi came over to our house and Rip wanted to go for a walk so we leashed up Sammi & Camden and headed up the street. About a minute after we started walking, the neighbor cat, Rascal, started following us. Another minute later, Rascal walked up to us and in particular, Camden. Camden, unbelievably, was very civil to the cat…he was even being unusually gentle and licking the cats head. I know, you’re probably thinking, he was just tasting Rascal to see if he was worth eating, after all Camden is on a diet. But, no, I really think Camden just liked Rascal and wanted to get to know him.

Anyhow, we only walked up to the mailbox, but the entire time, Camden and Rascal were on a friendly basis. Rip was the referee during the walk…if Rascal ever fell behind, Rip would yell out “Com’on Rascal, let’s go!!”. Yes, Rascal obliged the youngin’ and would catch up to the group.

When we got back to the house, we put Sammi and Camden in the house because Rip & I were going to go the the Children’s museum. As I opened the door to my car to put Rip in his seat…very unexpectedly, Rascal jumped in my car and sat down as if he thought he was going with us! What a crazy cat! It took a little coaxing, but I managed to convince Rascal that he would be bored at the museum and to get out of the car. Rip and I both had a good laugh about that one.