Tuesday evening Rip scratched his foot, although by his reaction you would have thought he had severed a limb. To calm him down, I took him downstairs to watch one of his videos, but while I was over at the T.V. trying to get the video going, Rip started crying and getting very upset that I wasn’t sitting next to him on the couch. So I gave up on the video and started walking over to sit next to him. Before I made it there, Rip vomited all over the couch. At the time I thought he had gotten himself so worked up over the scratch on his foot, that he made himself sick…uh, wrooong!

Anyhow, I got him cleaned up and all set to go to bed. The next morning I went upstairs to get Rip up and ready for school. When I got in his room, Rip said “Hi Mommy. Ripken coughed on the couch last night”. I managed to keep my laughter in regarding his description of vomiting and let him know that yes he did “cough” last night but it was ok…that everybody coughs. At this time, Rip seemed like he felt good as he was in a good mood and very energetic.

When I picked up Rip from school, his teacher said he didn’t eat much of his lunch (not normal for Rip…he ALWAYS eats his food at school…including any green vegetables he won’t eat at home). Rip did seem a little tired but by the time we got home, he was raring to go and played outside with the neighborhood kids for an hour. At dinner time, Rip was getting a little cranky and wouldn’t eat dinner. Still no major signs of illness (fever, lethargic, really cranky, etc..). He went to bed fine and still no other signs of not feeling well….until this morning. Rip woke up at 6:30 this morning calling for mommy. When I got upstairs Rip said “my belly” in a very whinny voice. And yes, more “coughing” occurred later that morning. And, of course, a couple hours after the last coughing episode, Rip was starving and ate 2 bowls of cereal and a bunch of crackers and his mood improved drastically. I guess we’re on the mend.