Not to brag, but I had not just one day, but a full Mother’s Weekend. Kirk went above and beyond the call of duty. Starting with Friday night, Kirk was going to manage all of my responsibilities/chores and agree to do whatever I wanted!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!! The best part was when Kirk did the weekly grocery shopping for me. I’ve been complaining lately about how much I can’t stand the grocery store so it was the greatest treat to not have to go for at least one week.

We also had a fun outside weekend. On Friday, we went out to eat at a local Italian restaurant. It’s always risky going out to eat with Ripken, especially at a new restaurant, but overall the experience was pleasant. We took a table on the outside patio as the weather was nice (mid 70’s). Rip was in a good mood so Kirk and I were optimistic about the evening. Just before the food showed up, Rip ran out of patience and needed to get out of his chair. Of course as soon as he got out of his chair, the food showed up. Too late now. Rip played with some other kids at the restaurant and then demanded Daddy get up and play too. When the other kids left Rip started crying “Friends. Friends. Friends.” It was really quite heart breaking. At least until he started taking his frustrations out on me. Then all sympathy was gone and angry Mommy showed up. Since Daddy was done with dinner, he took Rip out to the car for time out. Rip was crying pretty hard so Daddy explained he was in time out for hitting Mommy. At this point Rip cried “sorry!” and asked for his spaghetti. Daddy brought Rip back in the restaurant so Rip could eat his dinner…and he did! We were pretty excited to see our discipline efforts finally pay off. We realize this was a small step, but it sure did feel like we were at least moving in the right direction.

Besides dinner on Friday night, we power washed our brick walls and part of the house on Saturday. Took Rip to a place called Kiddie Acres. The best part of this place was the choo choo train ride. Other than that, it was a pretty depressing attempt at a kids amusement park. We did feel obligated to check it out as a good friend had told us about it (we have some video that I’ll work on getting posted by this weekend). Sunday entailed a run to CostCo in the morning. We did have a meltdown that required us to remove Rip from the scene. Thankfully it was after the shopping was done so it was just a matter of getting to the car. The afternoon was very nice as we headed downtown to Zilker Park and rode yet another train (much more impressive than the Kiddie Acres train), played on the playground and got our feet wet in the swimming hole. After sufficient play time, we headed to Huts to get some hamburgers. No meltdowns to report!

All in all, a wonderful Mother’s weekend!