Some of you may have heard of dippy eggs…but have you heard of dippy pancakes?

Not sure if we told anyone about this, but Rip prefers to eat his pancakes with his hands and dip them into syrup.

First of all, we have to make fun shaped pancakes…with his favorite being hotdog pancakes. The most elaborate shape was a turtle Daddy made last weekend. Then after the pancakes are made and sufficiently cooled, Rip will pick them up one at a time and dip them into the syrup we pour into a little measuring dish we have. It truly is his favorite way to eat pancakes.

This morning, Rip kindly went to the pantry, pulled out the pancake mix and let me know that was what he wanted for breakfast. He managed to eat 3 hotdog pancakes and 2 circle pancakes…almost as much as Daddy usually eats 🙂