We went to a birthday party at bouncy world yesterday afternoon so I thought it was going to be a snap getting Rip to fall asleep. However, independent Rip had something else in mind and last night proved to be a little bit of a challenge.

Things were going well up until the point where Rip was actually placed in his crib. It was at that point he started crying “My Mommy!” over and over. We decided to give it the ole Ferber try and let him cry it out for 5 minutes, go up and reassure him for 1 minute, let him cry it out for 6 minutes, go reassure him for 1 minute, etc..

At the second “reassuring” Rip was still crying very hard and showing no signs of slowing down. As I the reassuring 1 minute was ending and I was getting ready to leave, Rip asked to “sleep in there” which translates into sleeping in the guest room. I told him he could do that but I was going downstairs. He was fine with that. So, I put Rip in the big bed in the guest bedroom and he immediately calmed down.

About an hour later Daddy & I went upstairs to check on Rip. He was sleeping soundly in the big bed. Although, he now was completely naked from the waist down. We re-dressed him and decided to let him sleep there for the night.

About 2am, I woke up and went upstairs to check on Rip. He was still sleeping soundly and still had his clothes on…all is well. About 45 minutes later, sleeping soundly myself, I all of a sudden, felt someone looking at me. I figured it was probably Camden wanting to get up on the bed. When I rolled over, I had a 2 1/2 year old staring at me. Needless to say, I screamed a little and said “Rip, you scared me!”. Rip giggled a little and replied “Sorry Mommy”.

The plan was to minimize time awake so I pulled Rip up into our bigger bed in hopes he would go right to sleep. Over an hour later, I was telling Rip that if he didn’t settle down and go to sleep I was going to take him upstairs (any empty threat for the most part as I had no desire to leave my bigger bed). Let me also say here, when Rip does get into our bed, he finds it necessary to sleep as close as humanly possible to Mommy. Sometimes this means, sleeping on Mommy. So, Daddy has a slight advantage in that he has more room to get comfortable and is not in direct hit of toddler wiggles.

Anyhow, at some point, I told Rip to go lay next to Daddy (again an empty threat as I didn’t have the energy to force him). Thankfully Daddy took action and pulled Rip to his side of the bed. Ahhhh…free at last! Of course, 5 minutes later a little toddler voice was going “milk. milk. milk.” This forced Daddy to get up and get a sippy cup of milk. Incidentally, we have a new rule in the house and sippy cups are only to be used for drinking water. But at 4am, anything goes 🙂

Shortly after that I “threatened” to go sleep upstairs. Daddy then offered to take Rip upstairs to the big bed in the guest room and the two of them slept up there. Woo Hoo!!!! Sleep here I come!

It’s now 8am and Rip is still sleeping 🙂 I’m thinking he’s schedule is going to be a little off today. Good thing it’s a holiday!