Not sure if we’ve told anyone, but for the past 6 weeks or so Ripken has been a staunch Mommy’s boy. We’re talking, Mommy had to change his diapers, give him is bath, make his food, put him in his car seat, and put him in his crib to go to bed. One time Daddy sat down at the kitchen table to say good morning to Rip and Rip started crying because Daddy was looking at him.

Well, over the past week we have moved from Mommy’s Boy to Daddy’s Boy. It started slowly with Ripken getting excited about Daddy coming home from work and watching Daddy from the kitchen window. Then it moved to running into Daddy’s arms as soon as he walked in the door. Then this past Friday, Rip actually went to Daddy’s car in the morning all on his own (Mommy didn’t have to put him in his car seat!). The real excitement came Saturday evening when Daddy was allowed to not only bathe Ripken, but also rock and put him into his crib for the night.

And the deal was sealed yesterday when Daddy asked Rip if he wanted to go to the playground. Rip replied yes and told Mommy “you stay here!”. Daddy has never beamed so much as he has this past weekend. Ahhh…what power this little boy has over us…