On Tuesday we had our second swimming lesson. A quick recap on the first week:

Ripken is very excited about going to swimming lessons…that is until he gets near the pool. At that point he decides it’s time to go. Daddy has to pick him up and hand him to Mommy in the pool. Ripken cried the entire 1/2 hour…usually crying out “Daddy! Daddy!”.

Fast forward to this week. In the morning I remind Rip about going to swimming lessons. He politely informs me that he’s not particularly interested. Being the brilliant Mommy that I am, I quickly let him know he can take 2 trains swimming with him. He said “OK! Let’s go swimming now!”. Of course we still had an hour before it was even time to leave…did I say “brilliant” Mommy??? Maybe just fast thinking.

Anyhow, we manage to pass the time watching a little Curious George and Clifford The Red Dog. 2 minutes before we’re ready to leave, Ripken decides he wants a Jamba juice before swim lessons. I tell him that we don’t have time before the lessons but that we will definitely go after the lessons. Did I say “fast thinking”? Oh boy, the water works start and continue the entire way to the pool.

The good news is Rip had a fantastic time in his swimming lessons. He didn’t hang on to Mommy like it was the end of the world nor did he cry once we were in the pool. As a matter of fact, Rip had fun doing all the songs and exercises and even went down the slide at the end of the lesson. Oh, I do have to retract my “no crying” statement. When the lesson was over, Rip cried because he didn’t want to get out. It was at that point I mentioned going to get a Jamba Juice…maybe Mommy is brilliant after all 🙂