Well, summer is here…no doubt about it. We’ve been in the mid 90’s every day for the past 2 weeks (or something close to that). It’s actually been very mild compared to last summer but still quite warm.

CANOEING: Last weekend in an effort to stay cool we went to Town Lake. It took some convincing, but I managed to get Daddy to agree to take Rip out in a canoe. Daddy’s biggest concern was Rip falling overboard. In order to not let our son drown, the night before the big canoe adventure, we went to Sports Academy and purchased his very own “Boat Coat” (a.k.a. life jacket). That was an adventure in itself but I’ll save that for another time. So, Saturday after nap time, the three of us headed downtown. We got a KILLER parking spot (my theory is that it was so stinkin’ hot that no one dared leave their dwellings except for us) and walked right up to the boat rental place. It took awhile to get the paperwork filled out, pay for the rental, and launch the boat, but when we did, man did the water feel nice! Rip sat on the floor in the middle of the canoe hanging on fairly tightly…he was a little nervous. Other than that, he was very much enjoying the ride. We saw some turtles, ducks, herons and lots of other boats. At one point we found a little beach area and docked so Mommy & Daddy could jump in and cool off a little. Did I say the water was nice? I meant FREEZING! Rip got out of the canoe and put his feet in the water but that was as far as he was going. When we shoved off again, Rip was a bit more comfortable and sat on top of the bar in the middle of the canoe. Daddy was quite nervous about this so we kept telling Rip to hang on tight. In total, we canoed for probably about 45 minutes. Rip was ready to get out by then so we cut our time a little short and headed for Jamba Juice.

Couple of quick side notes: 1) Daddy insisted that the person in the front of the boat steered. Mommy tried to explain that it was the person in the back that steered but Daddy would have none of it. Mommy kept quiet planning to prove him wrong via the internet once all were safe at home. About 10 minutes into the canoing Daddy succumbed and agreed that the person in the back was responsible for steering the boat. 2) Mommy very much wanted to bring the camera and document the canoing adventure but Daddy thought it would be a bad idea as “everything in the boat” was going to get wet and we didn’t want to ruin the camera. Mommy kept quiet even though she disagreed. About 10 minutes into the canoing, Daddy thought it would have been fine to bring the camera along as nothing was getting wet. Long story short, we don’t have any pictures of Rip in the boat…will have to wait until next time.

STORY TIME: Tonight the local library hosted a Pajama Story Time. It was open to kids of all ages and kids were encouraged to wear their favorite PJs and bring along something to snuggle with. Daddy & I thought this would be fabulous fun so we ate dinner early, gave Rip his bath early and headed to the library with Rip in his PJs and slippers. We sat down and managed to get through the entire first book without any incident. However, shortly into book #2, Rip asked, quite loudly: “IS IT OVER YET?????” Uh, Mommy & Daddy quickly decided to make quick and quiet exit in order to minimize the interruption. I guess PJ story time is not something Rip is all that interested in đŸ™‚