Ripken Haircut: I’m so excited to announce that when Ripken last had his hair cut, about 2 weeks ago, he was such a big boy and sat in the chair all by himself. well actually, he sat in the pink jeep all by himself. I guess I’d better back up a little. Up until this last hair cut, Rip had to sit in Mommy’s lap while getting his hair cut. Well, on the way to the hair cut place this last time, Mommy asked him if he was going to sit by himself while he got his hair cut…and much to Mommy’s surprise…he said YES!! Now the place that we take him to get his hair cut is a kids place so almost all the chairs are fun things like horses, cars, jeeps, motorcycles, etc… So after Rip announced that he would so bravely sit by himself, Mommy asked what chair he was going to sit in. Rip said “the pink jeep”.

Dump Trucks: We recently visited the Children’s museum where Rip had fun playing with Dump Trucks. He told me that dump trucks “are my favorite”. Of course, lately everything seems to be his favorite. We were reading books and Rip told me every book he read was “my favorite”. I’m thinking he hasn’t quite got the meaning of the word down just yet. The other cool thing at the museum was the giant games they had set up. Rip particularly enjoyed the Connect Four (what he affectionately refers to as Checkers). There were some other games to like Chess and the real Checkers but apparently they weren’t nearly as interesting as Connect Four. 


Ripken Swimming

Ripken’s Dippy Hot Dog Pancakes

Ripken and a few of his “favorite” cars