No, this post is not about the new Michael Moore movie, it’s about poor little Ripken. This past Thursday morning we were supposed to go to a friend’s house for a play date but when Rip woke up in the morning he had a low grade fever. I didn’t think our friend would appreciate us bringing a viral present so I called and reschedule the play date for next week. Smart move as Rip spent the rest of the day hanging out on the couch watching videos. On a side note, our couch has 3 cushions. Ripken has claimed the middle cushion as his “couch”. Neither Mommy nor Daddy are allowed to touch that section of the couch when Rip is on it. And if Rip is playing elsewhere and catches, say Daddy, lying down on the couch, Rip has to run over to Daddy and tell him to get off of “Ripken’s couch”…which as we now all know is the middle cushion.

Anyhow, back to the sick story. By the end of Thursday, Rip had a pretty good fever going. I can’t tell you the exact temperature because at that point our thermometer was out of batteries, but based on my vast experience (totaling almost 3 years now) Rip’s forehead was warmer than 102. At this point I figured it would be a miracle if Rip woke up without a fever and was able to go to school on Friday. And oh how right I was. Rip didn’t even sleep through the night. Sometime around midnight he woke up crying for “my mommy! my mommy!”. I went up to get him and he immediately asked for milk. Of which he drank 1.5 sippy cups full of milk very quickly. Then we tossed and turned in the guest bed for 2 hours before I leaned over to Rip and said “try to go to sleep”. He looked at me and said “why?”. At 2 in the morning, I didn’t really have a very good answer so I said, because you need your rest. He looked at me and said “I want to go downstairs”. We went back and forth about going downstairs for approximately 10 seconds before he began crying hysterically. I caved…sleep deprivation makes me weak. So, I said we could go downstairs and watch a video. 40 minutes later we headed back up stairs and Rip finally feel asleep around 3am. Close to 7am Daddy came upstairs to check on us. Rip saw Daddy and started crying hysterically when Daddy started to leave. Thankfully Daddy took Rip with him and let Mommy get another hour of sleep.

When I came downstairs Rip still had a pretty high fever (again, no numbers to validate “high”). I recalled that body temperatures are supposed to be at their lowest in the morning so I kind of went into panic mode thinking that if he’s this hot this early in the day, what is it going to be like in a few hours??? I ran to the store to get batteries for the thermometer, raced back to the house only to have Rip tell me that “it hurts” when I put the thermometer in his ears. Oh great! He must have ear infections!!! Have to call the doctor and get an appointment. At the doctor’s office Rip was validating my ear infection theory by putting up a fight when the doctor attempted to look into Rip’s ears. Phew! at least we can get some medication and Rip can start feeling better. Well, after a few minutes we managed to pin Rip down enough for the doctor to look in both his ears. Uh…ears are perfectly fine…uh…not what I expected. First, Rip has NEVER had a problem letting us take his temperature with his ears. Second, Rip has ALWAYS let the doctor do whatever the doctor wants. Why the sudden aversion to his ears being touched??? Who knows…

Anyhow, the doctor said Rip has a viral infection that’s producing high fevers. Unless his temp gets over 104, we just need to get as much fluid into Rip as possible. The rest of Friday looked a lot like Thursday…lots of lying on the couch watching videos. Nothing to eat…just lots of juice drinking.

Saturday looked a little more promising as Rip’s morning temp seemed more normal (still no numbers as Rip has suddenly boycotted getting temperatures taken). Unfortunately by early evening Rip was warming up and the rest of Saturday was spent lying on the couch watching videos. Another little side note: Rip’s new favorite video is The Magic School Bus. Mommy and Daddy’s least favorite video is The Magic School Bus.

Rip went to bed well Saturday night but woke up around 2:30 am calling for Mommy. He was warm again and had to sleep on Mommy’s head (not very comfortable for Mommy) so we decided Sunday was going to be another day of hanging out at the house. Still no eating on Rip’s part but he is definitely in better spirits. Although definitely not 100% as anything can set him off into a tantrum. And, unfortunately, we had to cancel a play date at the sprinkler park. At least Rip is on the mend…and at least he’s getting this out of his system before our trip to Seattle (just over 2 weeks to go!).