Oh my! We had no idea that the “why” stage started so early. I really thought we had a couple more years before Rip would start asking “why?” to EVERYTHING we said or pointed out. Either Rip is a genius way ahead of his time or we were gravely wrong as to when this stage would start.

After a couple of “why’s”, I just respond “I don’t know”. Of course, this is now Rip’s standard response to anything we ask him (i.e. question: Rip, what did you have for lunch today? answer: I dunno).

And it’s impossible not to imitate Rip when he’s not around so now Kirk & I are now in the Why stage as well (i.e. Kirk: Krispy, can you get the oil changed in the car? Krispy: Why, Kirk? Why?). Good thing we’re going to Seattle next week…I think we’re all in serious need of a change in scenery.