Well, we’ve hit another Ripken milestone…Rip is officially out of the crib and into a big boy bed. We’ve been talking about making the move for awhile now and made the leap last weekend. Good ole CostCo came through for us again. Just when we were seriously starting to look for a bed for Rip, CostCo started selling twin bunk beds that convert into 2 twin beds. We snatched up the beds a couple weeks back and finally put them together last Friday.

The transition from crib to bed is going ok. There have been a couple of hiccups as to be expected. First, either Mommy or Daddy needs to lie down with Rip at bed time. We tried letting him fall asleep on his own, but both times resulted in a Ripken escape. The first escape led Ripken downstairs to “get his Daddy”. The second one took place last night and led Rip to his train set. We’re not sure how long he was out of bed because we only realized he was up when one of his trains crashed and made a loud noise. Again Daddy had to go lie down with Rip to get him to go to sleep.

We still have a little work to do but are optimistic Rip will be comfortable in his new bed within a few weeks. Meanwhile, below are some pictures of his new setup.