Who would have thought that the Texas crew would have to go to Seattle to get some sunshine??? The weather in Seattle was wonderful almost the entire time we were there! The first day was a little warm (record setting 95) but was really only uncomfortable when we were on a bus that didn’t have any air conditioning. Other than that, sunshine, comfortable temps (ranging from 70’s – 80’s) and essentially no rain. BTW, it’s been raining in Texas since our return…

Below are some highlights from our Seattle trip:

Wednesday: landed in Seattle to the warmer temps (unbelievable!). Got a quick tour of the new Seattle house. Once we got to the house, we were pleasantly surprised to see a Fire Truck Toddler bed awaiting Rip’s arrival. I was convinced that Rip would never want to leave the house! After the quick tour we headed downtown to meet Jason for some lunch and splash around in the big water fountain. Rip had a blast running up to the water, then quickly retreating while screaming at the top of his lungs…quite entertaining!

Thursday: Kelly had to work in the morning so Kirk, Krispy, Rip & Kelsey played at the neighborhood playground to pass the time. Once Kelly was out of work, we packed up the dogs and headed to the dog park. Aunt Kelly was nice enough to walk Rip out into the water so he could cool his feet off. Then we spent some time at the playground next to the dog park. Rip would refer to that park as the “tunnel” park the rest of the week.

Friday: The highlight of this day was the trip to visit the Thomas the Train tour. Here we were able to watch Rip play with lots of train sets, get tattooed (James…and it was temporary), become overwhelmed with all the toys available for purchase, and ride on Thomas the Train. Quick note: Aunt Kelly instantly became Rip’s favorite relative when she purchased for Rip a little train set that mommy and daddy had said “no” to.

Saturday: Kirk’s friends Scott and Jess were conincendtly in Seattle briefly during our time there so we met them for breakfast. Then we spent the afternoon on an electric boat cruising a lake (totally can’t remember the name). I do know it was the lake that has the house that was used in the movie Sleepless in Seattle. Of course none of us could remember what that house looked like so we have no idea if we saw it or not. Jason was a champ and captained the boat. And we are very grateful that Kelsey managed to not get sea sick. The rest of the crew sat around eating and drinking πŸ™‚

Sunday: Tigers Rock! Last year during our visit the Baltimore Orioles were in town playing the Seattle Mariners and went to watch the game. This year, the Detroit Tigers were in town beating up the Mariners…how fun is that! Of course Rip wasn’t very interested in the game so we ended up leaving around the 7th inning. It was still a lot of fun and again the weather was fabulous!

Monday: Zoo time. We spent a few hours taking in all the wild animals. I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a very good time. The only incident report was when we were walking to the Giraffes, there was a rather strong odor (can you say animal poop?) that Rip was not liking. I didn’t witness this, but I understand that he was very upset and did not want to go in the general direction of the odor. I think we need to teach him how to plug his nose.

Tuesday: More pleasant weather! Kelly had to work in the morning so Kirk, Krispy & Rip walked down to Greenlake to play on the playground. This really is a great place to walk to. The lake has a walking/biking trail that goes around the lake, there’s a very nice playground for kids, tennis courts, boat rentals and lots of other stuff I can’t think of. Kirk and I agreed that if we lived there, we would probably walk to the lake very often.

Other fun noteables from the trip:

  • Everytime Rip was ready to leave wherever we were, he would say “Want to go to Aunt Kelly’s house”
  • Rip’s diet in Seattle consisted of “chocolate sticks” (I can’t remember the name of these Japanese delights), donuts (of which he would eat the frosting and nothing else), french fries, “sour cream” (these are protein bars renamed by Rip), crackers, cheese…and I think that’s it.
  • Fire Truck Toddler bed: Rip spent LOTS of time in the bedroom playing on his new bed. We weren’t sure he was going to sleep in his new beds at home after having such luxurious accommodations in Seattle.
  • Rip’s other new buddy is Jason. Rip loved that Jason would get down on the floor and play cars. Jason even built a garage for Rip’s cars! What a cool uncle!

Around 2pm on Tuesday we piled into Kelly’s car and head to the airport. I think we all were pretty exhausted. Why do we over do it when we’re on vacation??? Although we were ready to go home to get some rest, we absolutely had a fabulous time and were sad to leave. Since Kirk sent out snapfish photos, I’ll not post any more here and hope that Kelly will upload some to her photo gallery πŸ™‚