Nothing specific to post this week. Just have a few little things worth sharing:


  • While eating breakfast one day, I looked over to Rip and said “You’re one smart cookie!”. Rip looked back at me and said, “Mommy, I’m not a cookie, I’m Ripken!”
  • The other day we were re-arranging the garage to accommodate Kirk’s weight bench so Kirk had all kinds of tools out. One of the tools (socket wrench for those that care) apparently reminded Rip of the doctor’s office as Ripken said: “Daddy, you’re a Doctor Man!”. They then proceeded to use the tool to examine each others eyes, ears and reflexes.
  • We were all upstairs the other day when we started playing the name game. This is where we start calling each other the wrong name and then the other person corrects them. Daddy was saying he was somebody when Rip proudly announced he was “Ripken Neibert”. We’re pretty sure this is the first time he has said both his first and last names together. We were then able to get him to say his entire name: Ripken Edgar Neibert.