Well, it’s quite clear that Ripken is his father’s son. Over the past week, Rip has learned how to use the computer mouse and play games on the computer. All Kirk & I have to do is put in the game he wants and away he goes playing Winnie the Pooh, Reader Rabbit or Blue’s Clues.

We set up an old computer at his little table in the living room and, according to Rip, that computer is officially “My “puter”. It really has been quite fun watching the progress he has made over the past week. When we first started out, Mommy or Daddy had to sit with him and move the mouse. Daddy then taught him how to start using the mouse and we had to sit with him to help him understand the games. Now, it’s just a matter of getting him started and then we’re dismissed. And…The Reader Rabbit game has really increased his interest in the learning the alphabet.

Other fun news, Ripken is starting to accept the arrival of Riley. We were outside last weekend when Daddy asked Ripken if Mommy’s or Daddy’s belly was bigger (Mommy won!) and then Daddy started talking to Mommy’s belly. And then, Daddy completely won Rip over by telling him that Riley was bringing Rip presents. Now all you have to do is ask Rip about Riley and he says “bringing me presents!”. I guess Riley better show up with some presents…