We have spent the past couple of weeks working to get Rip to fall asleep in his big boy bed all by himself. To do this we embraced the Ferber method. We used this method way back when Rip was only 4 months old to get him out of Mommy & Daddy’s bed and into his crib and it worked wonders so, we dutifully employed the method for this sleeping battle. And let me say, although the first night can be quite trying, it works wonderfully and Rip is falling asleep on his own in his own bed. Here are some highlights of the method:

Night 1: screaming and crying (from Rip, not Mommy & Daddy) for a little over an hour. Ultimately Rip cried himself to sleep…on the floor…right in front of the bedroom door.
Night 2: A little bit of crying (not much) but quite a few attempts to sneak out of the bedroom. Ultimately Rip decided to sleep on the floor right in front of the closed door. And just so the record is straight, I asked him if he wanted to get in his bed and leave the door open or stay on the floor with the door closed…he chose the floor.
Night 3: A bit of a setback. Rip’s security blanket (i.e. Night Night) was erroneously left at school. Rip had to sleep with Mommy & Daddy that night.
Night 4: A little bit of crying, several attempts to escape the bedroom, fell asleep on the floor.
Night 5: No crying, a couple of escape attempts, fell asleep on the floor.

fast forward as most nights were like #5

Night 9: No crying, 1 escape attempt, fell asleep in his bed…woo hoo!!!!!

Another fun advancement…or start of an advancement… Rip is starting to become interested in using the potty. Of course he has to be naked from the waste down. If he’s wearing pull-ups or a diaper there is no interest in the potty at all…go figure! At least we’re starting to see signs of Rip getting potty trained. Hopefully we’ll be there 100% by December when Riley gets here!