Well we made it back home the other night after a wonderful week in Hilton Head, S.C. Highlights of the trip are below:

Weather: overall I would rate the weather 9 out of 10. There was sun most days with a couple of cloudy or rainy days mixed in. Temps were in the high 80’s low 90’s. Humidity was up there but not unbearable. We were lucky that any major rain held off until the morning we left. Oh, one other note: one of the first nights we were there a rain storm hit during the night and there was a bit of thunder that literally shook the house. Everyone had something to say about it except for Ripken and Uncle Jeff who both slept through the ear-blasting roar.

Accommodations: WOW! Wouldn’t it be nice to be rich! We stayed in a 6 bedroom/6 bath house about 4 blocks from the beach. There was a nice little pool in the back so we didn’t feel obligated to hike down to the beach everyday. It was also nice being able to take a little dip after dinner too 🙂 The basement/garage had 3 putting greens…very nice entertainment for the kids!

Activities: The boys went golfing Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Uncle Jeff supplemented his golfing with some more golfing on Sunday and Thursday. The girls treated themselves to a spa massage (uh….could have done that every day!). In between golf and massages there was lots of beach time, pool time, a little bit of bike riding and even a little bit of shopping.

Special Events: Since we were having a family outing fairly close to Rip’s birthday, we decided to celebrate the event a little early. Mimi had pretty nifty t-shirts made up that had fire trucks, Rip’s name and the #3 on them. We all wore them, blew up some balloons and had a fire truck b-day cake. Rip had a blast!

Other Fun Notables:

  • paddle surfing – similar to surfing minus the waves. You stand on a surf board and paddle around. It takes a bit of balance…a little slow for me (yes the pregnant lady got up on the board 😉
  • Mimi, Maris, Missy, Jake, Jonah & Ripken were the most ambitious and jumped on the bikes and peddled 5.1 miles to Harbor Town. The sad thing is they weren’t allowed on the island…apparently this is a very exclusive area and you have to have an invitation and/or a car to get on.
  • Two putt putt outings. Kirk dominated the first game (5 under par) and Rip dominated the second game with 2 hole in 1’s!
  • Ripken the fish: It only took 1 day for Ripken to turn into a fish. He loved jumping into anyones arms from the steps in the pool. This is a MAJOR step up from the beginning of the summer when he only liked getting his feet wet. He also enjoyed playing in the ocean waves but was more nervous there than in the pool.
  • Best cousins: Rip had an absolute blast bossing around his older cousins. Jake and Jonah were fabulous and played along quite nicely! There were times when all three of them were literally running around the house yelling at the top of their lungs with joy. Needless to say, Rip was completely exhausted by the end of each night…usually falling asleep during reading time.
  • Do Not Feed The Birds!: Gumpa missed this sign and decided to throw Ripken’s left over sandwich to the birds. To be expected, they swarmed the area at which time Gumpa decided to leave and take cover…leaving behind Ripken, Mimi & Kirk to defend themselves. I didn’t witness this, but I hear Rip was scared and had to jump into Daddy’s lap.
  • Mimi spent an hour or so teaching Kirk, Kristin & Maris how to play bridge. Let me tell you…Bridge is NOT as simple as solitaire! I’m not sure I’ll be able to convince Kirk to take up this particular game. His eyes were pretty glazed over during most of the lesson 🙂