We have been working on potty training again since the beginning of this week. Rip now goes to school without diapers and has had 2 full days accident free.

Monday: Rip went on the potty in the morning but refused to go in the afternoon. This meant that by the time I picked him up from school he had gone more than 4 hours holding it in. His teacher tried putting on his underwear and telling him to go in his pants just so he would go, but Rip would have nothing to do with it. Once I got him home, I put him on the potty and begged him to go….nothing. I tried bribing him (I’ll play cars with you if you go pee on the potty)…again nothing. Then when Daddy got home, Rip sneakily went down to the garage and let it all out. Well, at least he wasn’t holding it in anymore.

Tuesday: We didn’t bother with the potty training on Tuesday because we had a play date with Connor and I figured it would be a lost cause to try and get Rip to use the potty around Conner…that and I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to catch him!

Wednesday: Did great at school. Went on the potty in the morning just fine. In the afternoon his teacher had to bribe him with some candy to go on the potty but at least he went (2 times!). Of course after I got him home, he refused to go on the potty and about 15 minutes after we got home, Rip announced “Mommy, I peed!”. Uh, lots of laundry to do…including tennis shoes. That night after Rip peed in yet another pair of pants (outside at least) he was running around the house naked. It was getting close to bed time and I had just given Rip his 5 minute warning when he said, very softly “Mommy, I’m going outside”. At which time he proceeded to open the front door and start running down the street. Did I mention he was buck naked??? By the time Kirk caught up to him, he was all the way down the block and rounding the corner. Someone thought it was absolutely hilarious…and it wasn’t Daddy.

Thursday: So far so good. Went to the playground in just shorts (no diapers) and no accidents to report. At home, I had to bribe rip to go on the potty but he finally went. He’s down for a nap right now. And because I’m too tired to do another load of laundry this afternoon, I put a diaper on him for the nap. I’m hoping to get him to go on the potty as soon as he wakes up. Either way, we will continue to go without diapers for the rest of the day. Keep your fingers crossed!