So this past weekend we were wanting to go out to eat for dinner. In getting ready to leave we check and double check with Rip to see if he has to go potty before we leave as we’re in for a 20 minute drive and would like to avoid any accidents en route. Every time we ask, we get a resounding “NO!”. Ok, we must be good to go.

About 5 miles from the house, Rip announces he has to go potty. I tell him Daddy will find us a place to stop. Rip immediately goes into a frenzy screaming he “HAVE TO GO!!!! HAVE TO GO!!!!!”. Super Daddy puts the car in reverse, maneuvers the car into the lane going the opposite direction, squealing the tires as he turns the car into a parking lot. Mommy jumps out of the car, grabs Rip, sets him down in some foliage, pulls the pats down and Rip goes potty…and goes and goes and goes. Phew! Thanks to Daddy’s quick thinking, we managed to avoid what could have been a very wet accident.