Ok, so this adventure turned out to be so funny we’ve called most people to tell them, but here’s a recap for posterity’s sake:

Tuesday Evening:

  • Nanny Joan & Daddy prep Rip for bed. Mommy comes up to give a dose of cough syrup so Rip can sleep well (he has a cold).
  • Once Rip is in bed, Mommy heads to the ATM machine to get cash for her trip scheduled for early the next morning. As Mommy leaves, she notices the light on in Rip’s bathroom and thinks…ooops! they left the light on.
  • Mommy arrives back home from the ATM machine to discover an ambulance and police car in front of the house. Lots of “OH MY GODS!” course through her brain. Daddy, Nanny Joan, Ripken, two EMTs and a policeman are standing on the lawn…what the heck is going on????
  • Daddy brings Mommy up to speed (did I mention that I left my cell phone at home?): Daddy goes to check on all the noises Rip was making after being put to bed. Daddy walks into Rip’s bathroom to find him with an empty cough syrup bottle and remnants of cough syrup in the sink and on Rip’s breath. Rip tells Daddy he got more medicine for his cough. Daddy asks Rip how much Rip had and he proudly replies “5!”. Not knowing how much cough syrup was in the bottle or how much Rip ingested, Daddy calls 911. EMTs show up, reassure us that it’s not a life or death situation but that Rip really should go to the emergency room so he can get some yummy charcoal to absorb the excess cough syrup.
  • Mommy and Daddy drive Rip down to the new Dell’s Children’s Hospital. Rip seems to be just fine. When we ask him again how much cough syrup he drank he says “Lots!”. By the time we get to the hospital, Rip is starting to slur his words…not very comforting at this point.
  • We get tended to immediately (which is very good because there were quite a few people in the waiting room). The doctor reassures us that things will be fine but we should plan on staying at the hospital for 6 hours of observation (that means 2 a.m.).
  • Meanwhile, Rip is continuing to act more and more inebriated. Knowing that everything is going to be fine, we start enjoying Rip’s drunkeness. Yes, essentially the cough syrup is like a toddler version of beer. We were really sad we didn’t have a video camera to record the event as it ended up being incredibly entertaining, but we can happily report that Rip is a VERY happy drunk 🙂
  • Charcoal: Ok, time to get some liquid charcoal into Rip so he can start to sober up. Please recall that this child eats very little at home and when he does eat it tends to be somewhat of a battle. Okay, the nurse comes over with a cup of chocolate syrup mixed with the liquid charcoal. For the first time EVER, Rip does not want chocolate. Yes, Rip, who normally tells Mommy that “Chocolate is my favorite”, now can’t stand it. In come the heavy weights to hold Rip down while he gets syringe fed liquid charcoal. The nurse fills up the first syringe, opens Rip mouth (which opened pretty easily), begins to put the charcoal in (fully expecting it to come spraying back at her)…and to EVERYONE’s surprise, Rip drinks it no problem. Heavy weights are wondering why they were called in, Mommy is wondering what the nutritional value of charcoal is and if she can start using that at home to get Rip to eat. Rip easily drinks the charcoal in record time and gets some stickers and a superman for being so cooperative.
  • One of the finer moments of Rip’s drunken stupor was when he went to lie back on the bed and after a couple of seconds, he said “Wooow!” and had to sit back up…we’re thinking he experienced “the spins”.

Ultimately, we were discharged around 1:30 a.m. Rip managed to stay awake the entire time but crashed hard during the car ride home. We were quite sure he was going to be hung over the next morning, but, for the most part, the effects were minimal.