We finally made it to the doctor today for Rip’s 2 year check-up. Here are the stats:

  • Height: 38.5 inches = 75th percentile
  • Weight: 31.5 pounds = 50th percentile

Rip did really well with the doctor. He sat patiently while the doctor checked Rip’s ears, eyes, fingers and teeth. The doctor asked Rip a bunch of questions to determine various developmental areas. Rip answered everything very well except for one question where he blatantly lied. The doc asked Rip if he liked cheese and Rip replied several times “No!” Uh, this is one of Rip’s favorite foods. When asked what his favorite food was, Rip replied “snacks!”. That answer was true…no doubt about it!. The doc also gave Rip a pep talk about eating veggies so his muscles will grow. I wanted to see if the pep talk took so I served some veggies at dinner…no go on the pep talk.

One thing I enjoyed hearing was that Rip’s hitting/biting attacks against Mommy & Daddy are normal. The doc said this behavior will disappear and our sending Rip to timeout and taking away privileges is the right thing to do.

Other quick notes:

  • Nanny Joan was in town for a week. We’ll have some video and other highlights shortly
  • Mommy is practically a brand new person after having spent some quality time in San Diego. Getting out of the heat and socializing with some old friends was just what the doctor ordered!
  • Mommy secured Rip’s Halloween costume while in San Diego. He’s going to be a fireman. Will post pictures after Halloween (although he’s wearing it enough already that I could publish an entire photobook should I so desire)
  • Rip also got some pretty cool flip flops from San Diego. So far he really likes them a lot. Although tonight he took a little tumble while running in them so that may change…only time will tell.
  • Only 8 weeks left till Riley gets here. We’re pretty much completely unprepared so hopefully she doesn’t arrive too early 🙂