Ok, so the weather in Austin is no where near to being winterish, but it’s staying very dark until at least 7 a.m. Now for some people, the amount of light in the morning is irrelevant to how easy it is to wake up. For others, the amount of daylight is critical in waking up.

In the Neibert household we have both types of people. Kirk is a jump-out-of-bed-as-soon-as-the-alarm-goes-off-despite-how-dark-it-is-kind-of-guy. I, on the other hand am a get-up-with-the-sun-and-only-with-the-sun-kind-of-gal. And today we confirmed that Ripken falls into the needing-sunlight-to-wake-up-camp.

Kirk had to fly out to San Diego for work this morning so he was in charge of waking up Rip pre sunrise. It went a little like this:

1. Go upstairs and turn on the hall light (so as to not make it “TOO BRIGHT” in Rip’s room.
2. Softly tell Rip it’s time to wake up
3. Listen to Rip complain about waking up: “NO!! I want to lie up in my bed! I don’t want to get up!!!
4. Sit on the couch for a few minutes letting Rip wake up to Sesame Street.
5. Rip is finally waking up a little and tells Daddy “It’s hard to wake up”.

Finally it started getting a little light outside (although it was delayed a little as it’s a bit overcast and rainy today) and Rip turned into his normal chipper self.

Up until today, we haven’t really been paying attention to Rip’s waking preferences so we’ll have to confirm this needing-daylight-to-wake-up-theory next spring.