Well, I am very excited to report that we had our first “poop in the potty” tonight. Right after dinner Rip mentioned he needed to poop. I tried once to get him to go sit on the potty but he wanted to “play first” so I let it go. An hour or so later we were playing outside and he said he needed to go in and poop. Fine with me. So we head inside and I ask him if he wants to poop on Mommy’s potty or Ripken’s potty. Rip selects his potty. We get upstairs and almost instantaneously the idea of pooping is lost. Since it was late in the evening we start our bath. Maybe 10 minutes into the bath Rip tells me he has to get out and poop. Thankfully I had already taken care of the bath necessities (washing of hair & body)so all I needed to do was get him quickly out of the tub and set him on the potty. Maybe 2 minutes later Rip announces “I did it!” That’s right, we had a successful poop in the potty…our little boy is growing up!

On another note, below is a picture of Ripken with his friend Connor. Normally these two have a great (or at least a good) time playing with each other. Today we had a play date at the Neibert house and things were a bit tense. Rip wanted Connor to do exactly as Rip said and Connor was more interested in playing with other stuff. And that led to Rip not wanting to share his toys. By the end of the visit Rip had been to time out 3 times (lots of hitting/throwing/screaming). Connor’s mom and I agreed to keep the play dates on neutral territory from now on.