Weather Update: I am incredibly happy to report that the temperatures have started declining. Our highs have been in the high 80’s (yes that’s cooler than what it has been) and the evenings are comfortable high 70’s (possibly low 80’s). This break in weather has been fabulous and allowed us to spend some quality time outside getting exercise.

Daddy’s Boy is Back: Well, it happened. Rip is a Daddy’s boy again. He hasn’t completely dis-owned Mommy but daddy is definitely the favorite. The boys even have a new evening tradition of running a race. Daddy has drawn a race track in the cul-de-sac with the sidewalk chalk and the boys race each other every night. Sometimes they run the track together, sometimes they take turns timing each other. Then there’s the “race around the house” event. This is when Rip & Daddy race each other around the house. Every now and then Rip will try to get Mommy to join in but Mommy has tell remind Rip that her belly is too big for such activities.

Pumpkin Patch: We took a field trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend. The pumpkin patch was lots of fun. There were all kinds of pumpkins to choose from, pony rides, goats to feed, hay rides, pumpkin painting and other stuff we didn’t get too. We ended up getting a late start and the trip to the patch took quite a bit longer than we thought so we had to cut our visit a bit short in order to get back home in time to meet the babysitter we had scheduled to come over. Regardless, we all had
a very good time and were glad to have gone. Here are some of the pictures from our short trip:

Potty Training: We’ve made a little more progress in the world of potty training. Rip is now pooping on the potty all the time. He tells us he has to go and he runs upstairs to take care of business. Last thing to tackle is making it through the night. I even think we’re making progress in that area. The other morning Rip woke up and before coming downstairs, he went into his bathroom, took off his diaper, went potty, put his PJs back on and then came down to tell Mommy. Not too bad! I’m not sure if his diaper was dry as he had already thrown it away, but it was pretty cool that he knew to go potty when he woke up.

Riley: Not too much new going on with Riley. We have about 6 or so weeks left till she makes her appearance. I took Rip with me to my last doctor’s appointment and he was completely un-interested in hearing Riley’s heartbeat. I was a little surprised but mostly relieved that he did so well at the appointment. I’ve picked out colors for the nursery (pictures to follow after the room gets painted) and we’re going to paint 1 wall in Rip’s room so he doesn’t feel left out in the preparation process. Still have a few things left to do before Riley gets here but nothing overly exciting (mostly things like making sure we have bottles, diapers, clothes, etc…). Every time we see a friend, we make sure they are ok with us adding them to the list titled: people-to-call-if Riley-gets here-before-Mimi-so-they-can-take-care-of-Rip-while-Riley-is-being-born”. We’re still working on what present Riley is bringing Rip. Daddy is in charge of that preparation and I’ve already had to talk him out of a $400 “car”…we’ll keep you posted on what the present ends up being.