Not exactly sure why, but there were plenty of bees hanging around our yard & cul-de-sac this past weekend. And Rip managed to obtain his first bee sting.

Rip & Daddy were playing on the scooter when a bee landed on Rip’s face (just left of his mouth). Rip swatted at the bee. The bee stung Rip. Lots of loud crying from Rip. Poor guy had big tears running down his face!

Thankfully Rip is not allergic to bees. These were my first thoughts after the incident took place: …look for swelling, signs of difficulty breathing,prepare people to call 911. After a couple minutes of loud continuous crying, I deduced that no breathing issues were occurring…phew, time to relax!

Of course, after a couple minutes of crying, Rip realized he was getting a lot of attention from the neighborhood families and that’s when the fake crying kicked in. Yep, Rip milked the bee sting for a couple of hours. About an hour after the incident, it was nap time and Rip was still in so much pain he had to have Mommy “kiss it” again and lie down with him in order for him to sleep…man! Kirk & I are such push overs!

Other fun stuff:

We are officially a mini-van family. And all four of the Neiberts LOVE the new vehicle. Totally goofy I know, but we still love it. I’m in love with the power sliding doors and 15 cup holders. Kirk loves the rear seat fold-away deal. Rip loves all the buttons he can push and all the space to climb around in (when the car is parked in the driveway of course). Camden loves being able to jump in with ease (much lower entrance in the back than the Pathfinder had).