Tonight the Neibert clan ventured down to the hospital where Riley is to be born and went to sibling school (the intent of this class was to help educate/prepare kids for the arrival of a baby). It was quite the interesting evening. First of all, the class was downtown and started at 6pm so we really had to hustle home get going quickly so we could jump into rush hour traffic and make it to class on time…or so we thought. Murphy’s law…totally prepared (packed up some dinner sandwiches to eat on the way down)…no traffic. Could have had a somewhat leisurely dinner at home but instead crammed food down our throats only to arrive at the hospital half an hour early. Oh well, at least we made it on time.

So, we’re in the lobby of the hospital where we’re supposed to meet the instructor and there are a few other families waiting…they must have eaten in the car too…when an absolutlely incredible transformation happened to Ripken. Really, we don’t know what happened, but our sweet little boy became “that child, those parents couldn’t control”. It started out with a little defiance…Rip walking over to the elevators saying he was going to go on them. Then he took it up a notch and started climbing on the end tables in the waiting room. Up another notch to climbing into the waiting room chairs and bouncing. For a grand finale, Ripken stood in front of everyone and pulled down his pants. Oh My God!!! What got into this kid??? And why are we having a second one????

So we did the take him outside do a semi time out. After a few minutes we ventured back inside and thankfully the class was ready to start. The class started out with a quick tour of the nursery and the rooms where mommys stay after having a baby. Seemed like the instructor focused on everything the kids weren’t supposed to do when they visited mommy…which makes me think that those are the the things the kids will now want to do…at least if they’re anything like Rip 🙂

Class ended in a little classroom where we watched a short video of Arthur getting a new sister. Rip was GREAT during that part! Then came time to practice holding baby dolls. Rip was done with the class at this point. He was more interested in playing with his cushion or climbing chairs or anything but listening to the instructor. To Rip’s credit, the instructor did not exactly have the ideal personality to work with a room full of 3 and 4 year olds.

All in all, we probably could have skipped the class. But at least we were able to provide some entertainment or conversation topics for the other parents.